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New numbers may have issue booking the lady. 新号可能越不到女孩子

【99号】 Xin Xin 星星

Age 年龄: 25 years
Height 身高: 163
Boobs 胸围: 34C

Services: Authentic Chinese/Thai Full Body Massage - Authentic Finger Press Massage - Authentic Finger Oil Massage - Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Head Neck & Shoulder Massage - Kneeling Massage - Body Oil Massage - Prostate Care - HDYL - Manhood Wellness - HJ

服务: 正规中泰式按摩 - 正宗指压按摩 - 正宗油推按摩 - 精油开背排毒 - 头颈和肩部按摩 - 跪背踩背 - 精油推背 - 前列腺保养 - 海底捞月 - 抓根 - 打飞机

Damage 价格: $100/2次/1 按摩+2x打飞机
Location 地点: East Area 东部地区 Geylang 亚龙
• Room Included 包房 

Mobile 联络号码 : 8300 3686

Press to Call/打电话 | Press to SMS/发短信

Please indicate [SEX727] when contacting the lady.  请说从 [SEX727] 看到的

If the picture & the actual person resemblance has a big difference, please choose to walk away & write a comment let us know.



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Guest 客人
      Mike SG says...

Shes really pro in massage.

Sing rather well with sweet voice.

Likes listening to JJ Lin songs.

Worth visiting. She would also recommend her buddy as only 2 in a unit.

Those who love massage & nothing else.

19 Aug 2019, 07:26pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Raymond says...

She is so far the best i have experience. Nice chatting with her as usual and her massage skill is really top notch. if you are tired and need a person to chat and relax your body and mind she is the BEST!!! will look for her again.

01 Aug 2019, 11:46pm Reply 回复评论

S7 Wood
      Hari says...


25 Jun 2019, 12:29pm Reply 回复评论

S7 Wood
      nxtplz40 says...

Yup! I liked her the first time I saw her picture. Thought Ill try her, she is as the pics look pretty lil thing. She did a good massage even though she was tired all in all felt relaxed. And she has very cute ears<3. Will rtfm. 

28 Apr 2019, 03:03am Reply 回复评论

S7 Bronze
      Andy says...

Looks: 9.0 Body: 8.0 Massage: 9.0 HJ: 8.5

16 Apr 2019, 01:29pm Reply 回复评论


S7 Wood
  Freak says...

Hi bro ,how to ctc her?

24 Apr 2019, 05:14pm


S7 Bronze
  Andy says...

Just call or SMS her

25 Apr 2019, 02:52am


Guest 客人
  Freak says...

Thks ..nice

25 Apr 2019, 07:30pm


Guest 客人
  Sleepykid says...

Why i call cant get .. seriously what her number really is?

04 Jun 2019, 08:31pm

Guest 客人
      Jerry says...

Read a few reviews about her and decided to give her a try. 

Looks: 9.0, super chio, even better in person 

Body: 8.5, my type..  

Boobs: 8.5 big natural soft breasts.

Massage: 9.0, very good, still asked where i want her to focus on, can tell she actually puts in effort unlike most MLs. 

HJ: 9.0, exploded in her hands, she still commented how many days i havent cum cause there was so much hahaha. 

RTM: 100% Yes. Super friendly and service oriented and can talk to her about anything.

05 Apr 2019, 12:03pm Reply 回复评论


S7 Silver
  vigourfull38 says...

She is good for both sex and massage? then it is worth...

01 Jul 2019, 11:34am

Guest 客人
      Nick says...

Beautiful lady, massage just nice and short

03 Apr 2019, 10:00pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Tim says...

本人确实比照片漂亮,今天去试了,让我意外的是美女按摩手法很好感觉很专业, 她那特别的手艺技术玩着小弟弟,真让人欲仙欲死,还能控制着不让人射出的那种感觉实在爽翻天。

12 Mar 2019, 03:14pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      小王 says...

Had a 90 minutes session with 星星. The massage was solid and topnotch. She’s also chatty and easy to talk too. Long story short, she’s definitely one of the best masseurs on this site. Go for her if you’re looking for authentic massage. Better go elsewhere if you want something erotic.

Professional and Effective massage skills! Thumbs up and will strongly recommended!

05 Mar 2019, 06:07pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      老王 says...


05 Feb 2019, 01:50pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      klipniss says...

is it naked massage?

27 Jan 2019, 12:19pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      小胖 says...


03 Jan 2019, 01:07pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Yes ah says...

Just managed to get booking with Xing Xing this afthernoon.She really SYT not to missed!Very sweet and cute chatty SYT.Her massages skill was really superb and eases the sores after massages.Hj arouses you and assist after that is simply shiok.No regrerts and value for money.RTM YES

23 Nov 2018, 02:41pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      阿布 says...

Brothers who like massage should try this gem and will not regret. Extremely friendly and service orientated. Authentic massage and not play piano type.Solid massage and high standard massage technique, she pressured acupoints with right strength as per your request.
JG techniqu every good and impressive.It is totally different JG experience and not simply massage your little brother.
Remember to respect her and don’t push your luck with unreasonable requests.In general she’s a very good lady. Please take good care of her.
Definitely rtm as long as she is still in singapore.

19 Nov 2018, 02:31pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Lollipop says...

Xing Xing is very sweet cute SYT chatty and friendly.She is very organizing her massage technique.Hightly recommended to all bro out there who is looking for tip top services.


Will definitely return again!!

09 Nov 2018, 05:25pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Gem Lover says...

Definitely a gem in the making.She is very friendly, hardworking, and professional. She have a good strength and skill for massage.
She does not hurry the job and she makes sure to take care of the whole body.first then follow up by jua gen
Guys please do ensure to take care of this gem and treat her well!
Looks 8/10
Massage 9/10
Jua gen 8/10
Hj 8/10
Overall 9/10
Rtm definitely!!

04 Nov 2018, 11:40am Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Lover says...

Looks wise she’s a very pretty girl. Massage is on point and she will ask if her strength is enough. Very friendly personality and willing to chat.Do support if u like a pretty and friendly girl massaging you.Rtm: I’m in love with her. Wanna find her everyday
In general she’s a very good girl. Please take good care of her.

30 Oct 2018, 04:14pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Tan says...

Very satisfying session with her. She looks exactly like photos petite sweetie girl. She is hardworking and enough strength massage with on my stiff shoulder,neck,back. She is chatty with diverse topics,we break the ice easily. Thumbs up for this SYT . Will definitely visit again

22 Oct 2018, 11:35pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Aaron says...

Finally manage to book her!
Frankly speaking, I had chiong for many yrs n I dare to say that she is one of the best ML compare with many of others.
She really put in her upmost efforts to massage u. Although is not as Pro as those professional but I can say she have almost 90% of their skills.
After her massage, u can really feel your body is so relived that u will definitely have a good sleep that night.

Looks wise, I can say is natural look with 85/100.

HJ : erm..... I feel that she really have an amazing hands that can do wonders on your bro.

14 Oct 2018, 10:41pm Reply 回复评论

S7 Bronze
      Raymond says...

Just visited Xin Xin, excellent service and had a nice chat throughout. 100% worth the $$$ spent.

Her massage is super gd.

04 Oct 2018, 03:06pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      张先生 says...


24 Sep 2018, 05:10pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Big says...

Had a session with this angel. Somehow extended to two hours. Shes beautiful in real life. Good service. Good experience. Not a time watcher. Looking forward to seeing her again tonight.

09 Sep 2018, 08:33pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Guest says...

Massage skill solid and relaxing, she has good strength and good technique,release all the tension in my body.
I will say that the juagen and hj is really top notch.Good service and attitude. She is friendly and chatty.
Worth every cents spent.

05 Sep 2018, 07:44pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Big Dragon 大龙 says...

Look: 8/10 (seems slightly older than the pic but not really surprised cos nowadays makeup & beauty app very powerful :D)

Body: 8.5/10 

Massage: 9/10

HJ: 8/10

Service: 8/10

At first I was a bit disappointed cos when I reached there on time, she said shed be like 20 odd minutes late. I still wait for her anyways, hence this FR. When she managed to get me into the room, shes pretty friendly. Id get naked & she proceeded to massage me. Although most of the time the massage takes quite some time out of the 1 hour session that I had with her, its definitely good. I would say her massage techniques are quite interesting, not just typical tui na by hands, but shed use her elbows. Shed often work on my spine the most & that surprisingly made my back even more straight. And finally, (for the tikos, well everyone who visits this shit is also tiko lah) the HJ is pretty decent and I managed to carass her quite a bit. Body wise, her boobs are slightly smaller (maybe B cup?) but still grabable (I mean its Chinese girls, you don expect a huge ass jug here), skin was mostly smooth as I carassed her slowly and her armpit is decently shaved (Yes I do have armpit fetish & bet some of you guys love it also :devil::devil::devil:, God Id wanna lick it but maybe another session?)

Would I RTF, hmmm Id consider maybe occassionally like few months time, cos Im a young dude and not those hungry lao tikos.

31 Aug 2018, 09:22pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Noname says...


25 Aug 2018, 12:58am Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      DD says...


15 Aug 2018, 10:45am Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      生哥 says...


09 Aug 2018, 11:04pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      大洋 says...

非常清纯 脱俗的美女 身在红尘中不着风尘味 请好好珍惜

30 Jul 2018, 10:11pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Gosu says...


Will definitely return again!!

19 Jul 2018, 06:55pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      sexbeast69 says...

Just left her place,

shes good and place discreet enough compare to heartland area....

I feel more comfort at GL nowadays

12 Jul 2018, 12:18pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      alpha says...

the room is neat and tidy, super-like, the service is nice and gentle, the feeling is super warm, the person looks good, its worth the trip .

29 Jun 2018, 01:09pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      车手 says...


24 Jun 2018, 09:01pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      两次 says...


12 Jun 2018, 02:45pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      王先生 says...


09 Jun 2018, 08:33am Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Kelvin says...

real person very pretty. Like to smile.. very good massage. Nice to talk to. Will come again for sure.

05 Jun 2018, 03:46pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Andy says...

Just tried ytd.Very sweet and nice chatty SYT.Massage skiill very good!! Services wise will able provide full attention to us as customer and willing provide all the service mationed. Definitely will revisit again!!

25 May 2018, 02:46pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      JamesBlow says...

Does she provide sex services?

21 May 2018, 04:11pm Reply 回复评论


Guest 客人
  SEX727 says...

Hi bro, she doesn provide sexual services.

24 May 2018, 07:22pm

Guest 客人
      车手 says...


18 May 2018, 01:05pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      傻子 says...

Good massage girl. Hardworking and willing to please. She is not like some other girls who any press and quickly finish the job.

Looks : 9/10 (SYT) 

Massage : 8.5/10 (Good and hardworking. Give me extra time since no booking after me)

JG:9.0/10,one of the best shiok

HJ: 8.5/10 (Firm grib with various pattern)

Attitude: 9./10 (Friendly with high girlfriend feeling)

RTM:Yes definitely

17 May 2018, 07:53pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      大叔 says...


17 May 2018, 03:55pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Tan says...

Yesterday visited xinximfor the first time. The 1hours massage was really professional type and of high quality. She knew where are the stiff part, skillfully unlocking all the stiffness from the neck, to the back, and to the legs. She said that she learnt JG from a Thai master. A must try if you are looking for wellness and care to your manhood. Definitely RTM and worth the money given the quality massage at a nice and cozy room。i like this girl

17 May 2018, 12:06pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      DDT says...

Amazing massage skill from this massage girl!!!
Very friendly and pretty girl!! Nice session with her...like a gf feel...
Bros must take a visit for her massage skill!! The best massage I have until now

21 Mar 2018, 07:35pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Whoizzit says...

Just had a session with Xing Xing.
Not only she pretty but she can do good massage too.
One of the good massage lady.
And shes friendly too. Never eat time. I was in and out for 1 hour full.
Plus, she did juagen for me too.
After she did juagen no time for sensual but Im okay. Next time will rtm again.
Recommended for bros wanna have gd massage and juagen for maintainence.

18 Mar 2018, 01:30pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      伟哥 says...


14 Mar 2018, 10:47pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Kelvin says...

Very pretty, like to smile.. very good massage and nice to talk to . Will come again.

12 Mar 2018, 09:49pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      熊猫 says...


12 Mar 2018, 09:02pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Dlid says...

ery elegant and beautiful.

– Know how to tease you the right way.

Look: 9/10
Body: 8.5/10
Feel: 9/10
Service: 9/10
RTM: 10/10

12 Mar 2018, 04:26pm Reply 回复评论

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