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New numbers may have issue booking the lady. 新号可能越不到女孩子

【1306号】 Xi Xi 细细

台湾美眉 可以玩角色扮演 捆绑 强奸

Age 年龄: 24 years
Height 身高: 160
Boobs 胸围: 36C

Services: Auto Roaming - CatBath - French - Fingering/Painting - BBBJ - Cum In Mouth - Cum On Breast - Boobs Job - Simple Massage - Breast Massage - Uniform Temptation - Silk Stockings Temptation - Nipples/Balls Sucking - 69 - Capped FJ - HJ

服务: 慢游 - 洗澡 - 接吻 - 模/舔妹妹 - 无套口交 - 口爆 - 射胸 - 乳胶 - 简单按摩 - 胸推 - 制服诱惑 - 丝袜诱惑 - 舔乳头/蛋蛋 - 六九 - 有套做爱 - 打飞机

Damage 价格: $120/1次/1 简单按摩+打飞机
Damage 价格: $180/1次/1 简单按摩+做爱
Location 地点: Central Area 中部地区 Hotel Service 酒店开工
• Room Included 包房  • CD Included 包房包套 •

Mobile 联络号码 : 9156 5707

Press to Call/打电话 | Press to SMS/发短信

Please indicate [SEX727] when contacting the lady.  请说从 [SEX727] 看到的

If the picture & the actual person resemblance has a big difference, please choose to walk away & write a comment let us know.



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Guest 客人
      ABC says...


21 Jul 2019, 08:27pm Reply 回复评论


Guest 客人
  Witch groups says...

Bro your story too long. Still got breakfast served. Omg 

You miss out main points like frenching experience, abalone tasty. Hole loose annot , many working girls already so loose. Hj even more enjoyable.  

22 Jul 2019, 12:10am

Guest 客人
      Witches says...

Looks like no credentials writers in this site.

5/10 or 10/10 as claim .  So which is which . Haha

$180 shld be great svs if not is con svs. Will wait for more reviews than try. Dun stupid throw money away again

21 Jul 2019, 04:58pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人

Look nothing like the pic. Service so so nia and keep rushing me to finish. Frankly i expected:woot: more from all the good reviews. Overall: 5/10. No no unless no other woman on this planet.

20 Jul 2019, 06:10pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人

Look : 8

Boods 8

Gfe 10

Bbbj 10

Fj 10

Rtf must

她的技术太刺激, 想玩什么演都有 不会冷场 她太会带了

水很多很多, 地方也很干净。 去了就知道她的厉害

How to say this you did not try her you never how good she is

19 Jul 2019, 01:40pm Reply 回复评论


Guest 客人
  小弟 says...


19 Jul 2019, 03:54pm

Guest 客人
      jklo says...

Hesitant to give a review at first because she is a gem, wanted to keep her all to myself! But good things must share! Visited her countless of times!
Looks: 10/10 got that girl next door face and seductive!
Boobs:10/10 just nice for me! Look at her boobs bounce damn shiok
GFE: 10/10 got a cute voice and she is very warm and friendly. Definitely got gfe, always take care of me by giving me hugs and always offer me drinks and food!
BBBJ: 9/10 got strong suction, bj me in shower and bj me on bed. Her bj damn long and gao maybe cuz i regular also! She will suck you until you will regret you were ever born
FJ: 10/10 very accommodative, willing to try different positions and got initiative to offer wearing different outfits and offer to roleplay!
RTF: Already RTF until lost count!!

Overall she is very friendly, accommodative, caring, seductive and well worth the damage! Treat her well!
Definitely recommend for all to try!

04 Jul 2019, 01:37am Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Ipip says...

Very nice and friendly. Belong to one of the best. The feel is just great.

23 Jun 2019, 06:31pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Summer Bear says...

Today went to visit Xixi.  Below is my honest review.


A superbly unforgettable experience. There are usually 2 ways to determine the best – one by comparing with others and the second is how I personally experience it without comparing (i.e. by my own standards). IMHO, she won my heart on both basis.

I won’t repeat all what other bros have reviewed about her (all true btw). Just want to add on my personal sharing.


GFE – This category is insufficient to rate. It is absolutely King-Like Experience. If you want to be treated like a king, (just like how consorts in the palace pamper the emperors), she’s the one.  When I came in, the most noticeable was her voice which is sweet and “teh” – the type that makes you want to hear even more (if it’s to your liking). Her cheerful energy perked me up instantly and she gave me a real nice tight hug. Instantly, I can feel the excellent curves of her slim body.

She then offered to help remove my shoes and placed them neatly. To my surprise, she kindly noted that it was not lunch time yet and offered a yogurt for me. Followed by washing a bag of cherries and blueberries to share with me. She comfortably plonked herself on my lap and literally fed me, popping cherries in my mouth and continually asked me if I was comfortable. And it is not mechanical, but with constant peppering with light kisses and hugs. I was still fully clothed then. After couple of minutes, she then beckoned me to shower and took off my clothes for me without me lifting a finger. In the bathroom, that’s where the show begins. She soaps me sensually and looks at me seductively and intently (like you’re the only person in the world) with her hands and her boobs and eventually top it off with a BBBJ. No doubt, she does it like what you see in videos, constantly making eye contact and going from head to shaft and vice versa. Not purely just bobbing up and down.

BBBJ Round 2 continues on bed by using warm / cold water treatment encircling the head/shaft. You can hear the gushing sound and feel her tongue twirling. Superb feeling.   She then ran her soft lips all over my body. Words can’t describe further. You have to use your own imagination.


Looks – 9.5/10 (I particularly like her eyes and intense look when she looks at me. The kind you get when your gf is really gaga over you.)

Personality – Cheerful, chatty and understanding. I chatted with her a little about my life and you know she’s a good listener and understanding. She doesn’t judge, which is why it’s good to chat with her.

Body – Milky soft skin and spotless. Well maintained. Natural bounce when you grab any part of her, indicating healthy body and non-saggy.

BBBJ – 11/10. Words can’t describe. You have to try. Bear in mind a good BBBJ is not just the feeling down there, but how she engages you with her eyes, moving in harmony with your sensations. She can do that.

FJ – very accommodative and will do as requested – rape scene and all. She’s wet in less than a few seconds before I hardly touch her. Her moans are natural and her Taiwanese accented “Teh” tone makes it even more alluring and want to pump harder. Finished off with COB. Absolute ecstasy.


Post FJ – Will lie in arms like long lost gf who hasn’t seen you for a while and cuddle warmly. Became hard again, but unfortunately time’s not sufficient, else might end up whole day in room.


Bros, if you want to be treated a king, go for her. When we men work so hard at times, it’s good to have such excellent pampering. Your manhood/masculinity will grow when you have her pampering. What more does a guy need? The key is to treat her well and be nice to her. She will give you back even more and you will then feel like a King many times over.

20 Jun 2019, 03:44pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      小弟 says...

Honestly, the best GFE feeling I’ve ever gotten.

Before we met, I asked if she wants any drink but instead, she gave me a Yakult. I thought that was really cute. Good personality, good looks. 真的很RARE!

Passionate from the moment i entered the door until I left the room. She does role play( have to ask her )

Bbbj and FJ shiok till can fly.

And her voice 西北cute :3

Looks: 9.5/10

Body: 9/10

Bbbj: 10/10

Fj: 10/10 (very responsive)

Gfe: 100/10

Rtf: Consperm come back

18 Jun 2019, 07:55pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Jack says...

She ask me to play handcuff and rape scenario.. I got so excited and went to 情趣用品店 and bought a handcuff and vibrator.. And not to forget stockings.. As usual went up, immediately we french, and slowly handcuff her, tear her stockings. Wear condom and start ramming her deep, fast and furious.. All the way was about to cum, took out my CD, and cum all over her face. Fantasy fulfil! SHIOK max ~ She allow cosplay, even rape scene, cumming on her face, please check with her.

15 Jun 2019, 12:05pm Reply 回复评论


Guest 客人
  好兄弟 says...

You taken from which AV scene?

15 Jun 2019, 12:44pm


S7 Bronze
  vigourfull38 says...

Wow, thats really interesting, i will definitely take her, just excited. Thanjs Bro

15 Jun 2019, 12:56pm


Guest 客人
  Rose says...
Omg. How can that be? Nice story. But not real life story.
19 Jun 2019, 11:17pm

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