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New numbers may have issue booking the lady. 新号可能越不到女孩子

【1820号】 Lydia

Age 年龄: 25 years
Height 身高: 165
Boobs 胸围: 36D

Services: Auto Roaming - CatBath - French - Fingering/Painting - BBBJ - Cum In Mouth - Cum On Breast - Boobs Job - Simple Massage - Breast Massage - Uniform Temptation - Silk Stockings Temptation - Nipples/Balls Sucking - 69 - Capped FJ

服务: 慢游 - 洗澡 - 接吻 - 模/舔妹妹 - 无套口交 - 口爆 - 射胸 - 乳胶 - 简单按摩 - 胸推 - 制服诱惑 - 丝袜诱惑 - 舔乳头/蛋蛋 - 六九 - 有套做爱

Damage 价格: $180/1次/1 1x做爱
Location 地点: Central Area 中部地区 Hotel Service 酒店开工
• CD Included 包房包套 •

Mobile 联络号码 : 9358 6916

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Guest 客人
      Hence says...

5250 1618 3006 487Yesterday I jus date this pretty & cute xiao xue.when I reach condo she open the door already give me a pretty sweet smile and a big hug with me and bring go to her room then she slower undress my shirt start shower with me nice and relaxing .Finish shower then I lit down on her bad she also start doing all the service . bj really good like Girlfriend suck your dick and btw she fj also very good can feel get make love with own girlfriend sA beautiful, cute girl, very good service, very happy with her time, girlfriend’s feelings, very good shape, very white skin, a pair of talking eyes, eyes very nice.o guy pls support on this pretty girl if I have time I will go again

18 Oct 2019, 09:02am Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Early night says...

Located in a hotel - in terms of towels, don worry about it. she says she tips the cleaning lady generously and she gets a good supply of towels

She is very playful and high GFE and very hardworking too.

Should try her hot water BBBJ

If you like girls to talk dirty, then you will love her.

Highly recommended.

10 Oct 2019, 06:57pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      John says...

非常友好的姑娘。BBBJ 的节奏把握的非常好,让我难以把持。性感迷人的身材与粉嫩柔软的乳房,让人爱不释手。啪啪时配合度很高,下体水多与敏感也容易高潮,让我小弟弟血脉爆棚一直不断的冲刺,爽歪歪的!!

07 Oct 2019, 02:59pm Reply 回复评论


Guest 客人
  David says...

丹凤眼的美女是稀有品种, 皮肤光滑细腻没瑕疵, 真实的胸部。 皮肤白晰,乳头和性格可以鉴定是绝对的极品。 如果你能找到能身心合一的美女, 试了百个千次都不如红颜知己。她也是模特身材大长腿, 比早期韩国日本的美女有一拼。


09 Oct 2019, 02:05pm

Guest 客人
      Dave says...
While on my way, she messaged me: “Baby, where are you at now?” Replied I’m very near to her place.

Entered her room, she has a mask covering her eyes. But i can still see her luscious lips and kissable cheeks. Wearing a piece of sexy cheongsam look-alike costume with a very low-cut front, exposing her ample bosom. She is very shapely and she has a very seductive voice. The kind that will turn you on instantly.

After washing up, she invited me to lay on her bed. Using warm water in her mouth, she kissed my lips and using the suction method, glided her warm and moist mouth on my nipples, my inner thighs, my groin area.

She lifted both my legs, and with warm water in her mouth, lick my asshole and with her moist fingers, played with my asshole too. That feeling is heavenly. I was moaning away.

She then asked me to stand up with her in front of the mirror. Fondled my cock and turned around. She removed her cheongsam costume, revealing her black bra. And once she unbuckled her bra, revealing her firm and ample boobs, i fondled them and told her it’s so comfortable to touch them. Her panties is still on at this time. At this moment, she removed her mask and revealed her pretty face. She has such a sweet smile.

I lay down and she continued to tease me with the warm water in her mouth. And then she came to my cock and did BBBJ. The feeling is so wonderful.

She then asked me to flip over to lie on back. Used her boobs and glided on my back and butt. And fondled my balls as well when she was near them. When she sat on my butt, i could feel her skin on mine. Which means she is already butt-naked now, so tempting! With warm water in her mouth, she suck my back. Her suction is so powerful!

She asked me to raise my butt. And with warm water in her mouth, she licked my asshole and fondled my cock. In one instance, she glided between my legs and suck on my cock.

And once more, I’m on my back and she continued to suck my cock. At one point, while sucking my cock, she placed both her legs on the wall above the headboard. Such a sight to behold. She then placed her butt towards my face in a 69 position. It’s my turn to pleasure her. She was aroused and she moved her butt in order for her pussy to be rubbed by my lips.

She called me, and sat on my cock. She rode me for a while and in one swift movement, used her body and flipped me into the missionary position. I continue to pump and because she has made me so comfortable, i surrendered in no time.

I told her I have never tried the Dong Guan service before and this is really special. You really have to try it in order to fully understand and enjoy the entire process.

06 Oct 2019, 07:27pm Reply 回复评论

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