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Fang Fang 芳芳 - 8590 8317 | singaporean girls | massage parlour singapore | hot singapore girls | hot sg babes | sg bbbj

New numbers may have issue booking the lady. 新号可能越不到女孩子

【1697号】 Fang Fang 芳芳

Age 年龄: 26 years
Height 身高: 168
Boobs 胸围: 36C

Services: Auto Roaming - CatBath - French - Fingering/Painting - BBBJ - Ass Rimming - Cum In Mouth - Cum On Breast - Simple Massage - Breast Massage - Nipples/Balls Sucking - 69 - Capped FJ

服务: 慢游 - 洗澡 - 接吻 - 模/舔妹妹 - 无套口交 - 毒龙 - 口爆 - 射胸 - 简单按摩 - 胸推 - 舔乳头/蛋蛋 - 六九 - 有套做爱

Damage 价格: $100/2次/1 2x做爱
Location 地点: Central Area 中部地区 Potong Pasir 波东巴西
• Room Included 包房  • CD Included 包房包套 •

Mobile 联络号码 : 8590 8317

Press to Call/打电话 | Press to SMS/发短信

Please indicate [SEX727] when contacting the lady.  请说从 [SEX727] 看到的

If the picture & the actual person resemblance has a big difference, please choose to walk away & write a comment let us know.



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Guest 客人
      JQ says...

Naturally pretty without , shapely body with natural C cup breasts , smooth skin all round,juicy abalone. Her attitude is to make you feel like she is yourmistress, one with loving and warm personality.

22 Oct 2019, 02:29pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      小白 says...


18 Oct 2019, 11:31pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Luck says...

I am a foreigner. I am looking for Fangfang today. She is very careful. I feel very different. I enjoy it. She will kiss my whole body. I will find her again. When I return to Singapore next time.

18 Oct 2019, 11:04pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      路人甲 says...

Very worth your money! A sweet pretty lady with nice pair of boobies! You will love it! Will RTM!

14 Oct 2019, 03:29am Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      袁承志 says...


12 Oct 2019, 08:55am Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      麦料锐 says...

Some pics no tatoo..?

11 Oct 2019, 11:51am Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Hornyguy says...

A great service lady, truly, though in terms of her looks, just average, still has that CFM feel. Her body is not bad. Pussy is super wet, no smell. Quite tight too. Her AR was extreme..hahahhah. Her BJ too, damm. Typing this makes me horny again. The best service level so far.

06 Oct 2019, 07:17pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      David says...

She is a very real nice girl    not first time been with her but the feeling still very good as we treat each other as lover.. will return soon..please take good care of her..

03 Oct 2019, 02:20pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      阿龙 says... 服务太好了,非常好的妹子,特别满意,一定会再来的。
02 Oct 2019, 11:10am Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Raymond says...

She is a very beautiful girl. Her body is well proportionate with nice curves. Very sexy. Her smile very charming. A very friendly and accommodating girl who will go all out to please you. She is a very hygienic girl who will bath u nice and clean and will also clean herself before and after the service. Her BJ is nice and enjoyable. Sucking and licking u throughly. Accommodating to a few positions where she really enjoyed can be felt from her body language and facial expression with nice moaning. I asked her if she wanted some more she said yes and I kept on pumping her until she had two orgasm and finally when I cum and pulled out can see a patch of love juic

27 Sep 2019, 04:49pm Reply 回复评论


Guest 客人
  Enchik Fat bastard says...

Did u bo bang long?

29 Sep 2019, 10:52am

Guest 客人
      James says...

A fantastic 1 hour with this girl. Never be a time watching. Concentrate on sevice and make you happy. Do miss out such good girl.I like her very much.

26 Sep 2019, 07:16am Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Tiger hong says...


23 Sep 2019, 08:02pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      老哥 says...

身材不错  胸大  有手感  软又有弹性    妹妹鲍鱼饱满    多汁鲜美    会吸会夹  弟弟超有感觉  花式口交 让我受不了  ………后面我们一起高潮了<3

19 Sep 2019, 11:37pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      大雄 says...


19 Sep 2019, 10:31pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Jiohn says...

Visited her , was surprised to see a clean shaven pussy , very neat n clean , can’t stop licking her pussy , while my 2 hands was grasping on her 2 solid breast, I continue to lick for almost 30 minutes as she beg for more , till she finally clamp her thigh on my face with lots of wet juices all over my face really cannot find such services nowadays ,

17 Sep 2019, 12:26pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      KK says...

A cute and funny girl, meet me, give me a hug, have a good chat, be very patient, have a good service attitude, find her a blowjob today, very comfortable, very good technology, I will book her again.

17 Sep 2019, 02:47am Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Ah says...

Does she have a hairy sister? 妹妹有毛吗?

17 Sep 2019, 12:12am Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      阿郎 says...


16 Sep 2019, 08:08am Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Jake says...

This is a gem not to be missed. Extremely courteous and provides excellent massage and full service. Very pleasant and pretty. No hurrying and ensure you are completely satisfied. Hard to find someone like her.

15 Sep 2019, 07:56am Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      John says... This morning , I dated her was was her 1st customer for the day, when the door was opened I was greeted with a hug, lead me to shower and did a good soapy cleaned on my ass hole, I thought surely hor sei Liao, sure got ass rimming. Really her ass rimming was great , follow by 69 blow job, she was so horny , loves painting so much , i pained her till she cum many times, with juices flows till her whole thigh was so wet after she ask me to bang her and she reach multiple orgasms , best bonk
15 Sep 2019, 07:41am Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Adny says...

A pretty girl with a good attitude and GEF factor. Nice big bouncy melons with big dark nipples. Her blowjob and deep throat is out of the world, and I almost didn’t make it to sex if I haven’t stopped her. She likes cowgirl, and she orgasm twice times while riding on top of me as I feel her cunt gripped my rod tightly and her body shivered. She requested for me to fuck missionary, and then finish her in doggy. I followed suit and she continued to have multiple orgasms as her moaning got louder and louder. Her pussy was gripping my cock really tightly by the time I unloaded all my load inside her. This girl is truly a gem and gets as close to fucking your own girlfriend as it can get. Can tell from the numerous msgs and calls during my session (but she did not respond to them) how popular she is, so definitely need to book early to get her. Enjoy bros!

14 Sep 2019, 05:47pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      Fat bastard says...

Wow she is back again

13 Sep 2019, 04:34pm Reply 回复评论

Guest 客人
      哥哥 says... Fair smooth body with great sex appeal and a come fuck me face. Crying moans and shivering orgasms that make u feel like u are the greatest lover ever. 100 is a steal not to miss. Poor location that makes her even more hungry and after sex still gave me a soothing massage RTF for sure
13 Sep 2019, 02:22pm Reply 回复评论

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